New England Research Data Management Roundtables

About the Research Data Management Roundtables

Goal of the Roundtables

The Research Data Management Roundtables are a series of events targeting librarians who are actively engaged in research data management to create a Community of Practice (CoP). At the roundtable, librarians will discuss with their colleagues their own experiences and learn from each other. Each roundtable will have a pre-set topic for discussion. The focus is on practical details and learning from each other's experiences.

To keep discussions manageable and fruitful, roundtables are limited to 25 - 30 participants at any given event.

Ground Rules

Expect to both give and get information -- contribute both ways.

Allow all to talk; do not dominate the conversation.

Bring materials that you are willing to share.

Ask permission to use materials provided at the event by others.

Keep sensitive information divulged at the event confidential.

The Roundtables Team

Currently, Roundtables are planned by a group of New England librarians, including:

  • Thea Atwood, co-founder, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Patricia Condon, University of New Hampshire
  • Jessica O'Toole, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Melanie Radik, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Emeritus planning members include:

  • Zachary Painter
  • Tom Hohenstein, co-founder
  • Julie Goldman
  • Carolyn Mills, co-founder
  • Sally Wyman
  • Donna Kafel